About Big Horn Hospital Association

Big Horn Hospital Association

In 1959, the community of Hardin opened its present hospital, Big Horn Hospital (formerly known as Big Horn County Memorial Hospital). In 1974, a 34 bed nursing home was constructed by Big Horn County and attached to the existing hospital. In 1982, Big Horn Senior Living (formerly known as Heritage Acres Nursing Home complex) was built with 36 long term care beds and 20 independent living apartments. Due to public request for diversity in geriatric services, in 1999 Big Horn Senior Living would convert 10 independent living rooms to assisted living units.

In response to increased medical needs in the community, the Big Horn Hospital Association constructed a new clinic to house five physicians and staff an outpatient rehabilitation facility. Due to ever changing reimbursement standards for rural health care, Big Horn Hospital became a critical access hospital on
July 1, 2004.

Big Horn County Memorial Hospital Association serves patients in three contiguous counties. Big Horn County is the prime focus of health care needs with a population of approximately 13,000 residents spread over five thousand square miles.

Since 1979, Big Horn Hospital Association has been operated by a community board of directors committed to working collaboratively to provide caring, economical, quality medical and health care services in Big Horn County and surrounding areas.